Measurement Products and Support

For Automation. In Germany. Worldwide.

Automation. Globalisation. Industry 4.0 –
Overused, complex terms? Relevant themes in industry, growth engines and challenges for economic prosperity?
These themes take on specific meaning in daily conversations with our customers around the world, when we are asked to deliver the exact optimum measurement technology for their measurement tasks – which are as challenging and varied as their industries, roles and areas of operation.
Regardless of whether your production processes are manual, partly automated or fully automated, or whether you work in research, development or quality assurance, it is always a matter of ensuring that your processes can be measured, analysed and controlled to the maximum possible extent. While your task consists in optimally identifying the degree of automation and increasing integration between human, machine and product that is right for you, our task is to fully exploit for you in every respect the measurement and economic potential of your measurement task.
There are no compromises with burster. You are choosing high-end measurement technology that you can rely on 100%, whether a standard product or OEM solution made specially for you. And when it comes to the business of measuring, we provide competent, comprehensive and reliable support via our global network of partners and subsidiaries.
Measurement technology. At your service.

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