ForceMaster 9110 - 100% Manual Press Monitoring

A safe press-fitting method.

Pressure on price and quality continue to rise. The need to monitor even the simplest manufacturing and assembly process is increasingly common. With 100% monitoring of force/ time curves or force displacement/time curves, the Force- Master satisfies all requirements for ensuring the reliability of even simple press-fit processes. Thanks to its ultra-simple, single-button operation and intelligent auto-configuration, even semi-skilled staff can set up the equipment safely and quickly. "Card & Go" is the smart system that uses master, tool and PLC smart cards to make equipment settings, inhibit unauthorized changes and to trigger actions in sequence with the production process.

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Unbeatably low-cost

  • Perfect control at entry-level price
  • Plug & Work cuts downtimes

Simply fast

  • Plug & Work in 30 minutes
  • Autoconfig mode with automatic settings for evaluation tools
  • Automatic sensor recognition
  • Even inexperienced staff can set it up

Impressively easy

  • Load cell is easy to attach to almost any standard manual press
  • Visual and acoustic signaling

Practical, well-thought-out

  • Onboard part counter
  • Data logging on USB flash drive
  • Fast part changes with smart-card system
  • Optionally with force or force-displacement monitoring
  • Tamper-proof

The ForceMaster 9110 has been developed specifically for monitoring manual lever presses. Simple manual workstations can be monitored extremely efficiently using the ForceMaster. Easy control functions that used to require an additional PLC can now be performed reliably with the ForceMaster. Tools can be changed quickly and easily using tool cards. 


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