Sensor instrumentation for every application

Meaningful analysis of your sensor signals.

Without the correct signal amplification, post-processing, visualization, analysis and evaluation in the context of yourrequirements, sensor signals simply remain useless streams of data. The success of your process monitoring system ultimately depends on these signal processing steps.

Depending on the application and degree of automation, you are faced with issues of networking, speed, accuracy, interfacing, integration and economic viability. High performance and optimum utilization of your processes are essential if they are to meet future requirements reliably and flexibly.

burster offers you the full spectrum of sensor signal acquisition and analysis tools, from simple digital indicator to high-end process controller. We use our decades of experience to give you precisely the advice you need.

Take advantage of our applications advice at the start of a project, or our optimization suggestions for on-going processes. If sensor and relevant electronics are already set in place, we can still calibrate the full measurement chain by aligning the sensor with the electronics. DAkkS and factory calibration certificate available on request.

Using high-quality sensors and appropriate instrumentation from burster your business benefits from quality, flexibility and efficiency and the confidence to operate in fast-changing markets. The burster comprehensive package gives you peace of mind, because you can rely on precise, rapid measurement-data acquisition.

Smart interaction is the key to success in a world where sharing information is ever more important. Interconnecting people, machinery and products in fully or semi-automated production processes is a challenging and demanding reality. Engineers must design processes to be easy to monitor, quantify, reproduce and analyze while aiming for ever greater reliability.

Sensor-specific data is stored in the sensor connector using innovative burster TEDS technology. The analysis instrument reads this sensor data and uses it for the automatic configuration of the evaluation electronics. This not only protects against setting incorrect parameters but makes it easier to change sensors while saving time and money spent on configuration.

Instrumentation amplifiers and sensor interfaces

burster amplifier products

burster amplifier products are used wherever sensor signals from strain-gauge, potentiometric or DC/DC sensors need to be converted into standard voltage or current signals and supplied to a PLC or other host systems for further analysis. These products will be indispensable in future production environments where, in addition to their traditional role of amplifying and transferring sensor signals, they will need to perform this task in the context of Industry 4.0 using flexible fieldbus connections via modern interfaces such as PROFINET. burster also offers a high-performance Plug&Measure solution for PC-based measurement tasks.


  • Ready to use with any make of sensor for your measurement needs, manufacturer independent
  • Ultra-fast pushbutton configuration
  • Automatic sensor recognition due to burster TEDS
  • Suitable for force, pressure, displacement, rotational speed and torque measurements, including combined measurements
  • Synchronous export of up to 8 measurement channels via the bus controller
  • Supports Ethernet based fieldbuses as PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP or I/0 interface
  • Tare facility via pushbutton or I/O signals for each 9250 amplifier
  • Up to two real-time signals/limit switches per amplifier module
  • Versatile configuration using DigiVision PC software via USB port


9206 USB sensor interface for strain gage sensors

  • Plug&Measure version or four-channel version
  • Simple connection via PC USB port
  • 24-bit resolution
  • High-speed measurement of up to 1200 readings/sec
  • Measurement accuracy of at least 0.01 %
  • LabVIEW and DLL drivers available free of charge

9236 instrumentation amplifier for strain gage sensors

  • Canister housing, DIN-rail mounting or PCB version
  • Voltage output 0 ... ±5 V / 0 ... ±10 V
  • Protected against reverse connection and short-circuit
  • Also available as circuit board without housing
  • Multi-channel capability
  • High protection class up to IP67

Digital indicators and calibrators

Digital indicators, Sensormaster and TRANS CAL

Digital indicators receive the measurement signals from their load cells and convert them for presentingon a display. Depending on their range of functions, these instruments already help you to analyse your measurement signals and can transfer the evaluated measurement data to the higher-level control environment. Limit-setting and visual alarms on the display are convenient features for handling sensor signals. Portable indicators and calibrators provide a straightforward means for you to perform your own device testing and calibration directly in your production environment without lengthy production downtimes.


  • For force, pressure or torque measurements using strain gage sensors
  • For distance or angle measurements with potentiometric or DC/DC sensors
  • Measurement accuracy of 0.1 % and sensor-specific linearization
  • Range of mathematical functions (e.g. differential measurement)
  • OK/NOK feedback on multicolour display and via 4 alarm limit outputs
  • High sampling rate (500/sec.)

The 9163 digital indicator covers a wide range of applications in which process values need to be measured, displayed, analysed and transferred to higher-level control systems.

TRANS CAL 7281 portable high-precision calibrator and testing device for mechanical and electrical measurements

  • Compatible sensors: Strain-gage/normalized signal ±5 V, ±10 V, potentiometric sensors
  • Equipment test: strain-gauge simulator up to ±50 mV/V
  • Easy configuration by burster TEDS
  • Excellent linearity with an error of just ±0.001 %
  • Storage of up to 16 measurement programs
  • Data-logger for up to 30.000 measured values
  • DAkkS/factory calibration certificate available for the instrument or the entire measurement chain including 8527 reference sensor (optional)

The multipurpose 7281 TRANS CAL testing device can be used wherever there is a need to perform highprecision, in-situ calibrations of sensing components used in equipment such as presses, torque tools or pressureregulating systems.

Process Monitoring Controller

DIGIFORCE® and ForceMaster

Process controllers are used when detailed process analysis for continuous optimization and zero-fault monitoring of the produced parts is needed in addition to sensor signal amplification, visualization and recording. The powerful burster controllers are designed for the demands of an exacting production system usually involving partial or full automation. A vast range of applications can be analysed and monitored thanks to high-speed and synchronous measurement data acquisition and a wealth of measurement and evaluation techniques. These tools provide the user with detailed process information. The smart process monitoring systems visualize, analyse and evaluate quality-relevant process parameters, and can transmit the results via the latest communications interfaces. Ethernet based fieldbus systems such as PROFINET transfer process results and status messages to higher-level controllers in real time. Whatever the movement or joining system - pneumatic, hydraulic or servo-electric - burster process controllers have the versatility to integrate with all forms of motion technology.

DIGIFORCE®monitors processes in which precisely defined functional relationships need to be demonstrated between two or more measured quantities of the process. Recording, visualizing and evaluating the X/Y curve allow 100 % monitoring of process quality, ensuring that the production step and every single produced part are checked.


  • Maximum precision for the toughest requirements
  • Monitors two synchronous processes
  • 128 measurement programs for large variety of parts
  • High accuracy measurement of 0.05 % F.S. at 10 kHz sampling rate
  • Intelligent signal sampling through combination of Δt, ΔX, ΔY
  • Ultra-fast evaluation (15 ms) and data transfer for dynamic measurements
  • Fieldbus data logging in real time
  • USB service interface on the front panel
  • Automatic sensor recognition due to burster TEDS


  • Simple, quick setup on colour touchscreen
  • 16 measurement programs
  • USB service interface on the front panel
  • Fieldbus data logging in real time
  • Display and analysis of last 50 measurements
  • Universal multi-range measurement channels
  • Rapid data logging on USB flash drive
  • Automatic sensor recognition due to burster TEDS

ForceMaster 9110

ForceMaster 9110 has been developed specifically for monitoring manual lever presses. So easy to operate, it lets any user monitor the press operation successfully.

  • Extremely good value, fully integrated “Plug & Work” capability
  • Easy self-configuration with automatic setup of evaluation tools
  • Smart-card system for tamper-proof configuration and storage of settings
  • Acoustic and visual error warning
  • Data logging on USB flash drive (optional)
  • PLC sequencer function (optional)
  • Includes analysis and configuration software
  • Automatic sensor recognition
  • Travel counter and various part counters


When planning to connect display and analysis instruments to your load cell, it is essential to calibrate the system, i.e. align the sensor with the instruments, to ensure correct measurement readings and correct output scaling. We are happy to perform this calibrated alignment of sensor and indicator for you, and supply a traceable calibrated alignment report with this service. We can also accommodate personal calibration requirements. This service means that your measurement system is immediately ready for use, saving you precious time.


burster instrumentation amplifiers, digital indicators, calibrators and process controllers are incredibly versatile. They enjoy the trust of countless users in industries with extremely high quality standards; industries such as mechanical and plant engineering, automation and the automotive sector and its suppliers. And in increasingly important markets such as medical technology, biotechnology, e-mobility and drive engineering, burster systems are already making a vital contribution to quality assurance.

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