8661 Precision torque sensor

Measuring ranges from 0 ... 0.02 N·m up to 0 ... 1000 N·m, low linearity deviation of  ≤ ±0.05 % F.S., intelligent operating state display, output signal 0 ... ±10 V (optional 0 ... ±5 V or USB), speed and angle measurement with resolution of  up to 2000 increments (option), excellent price performance ratio

  • Features

    • Measuring range from 0 ...0.02 N·m to 0 ... ±1000 N·m
    • Low linearity deviation of ≤ ±0.05 % F.S.
    • Intelligent operating state indicator
    • 16 bit D/A converter including digital adjustment
    • Output signal 0 ... ±10 V (optional 0 ... ±5 V or USB)
    • Speed and angle measurement with resolution of up to 2000 increments (option)
    • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Product data

    Model 8661
    Principle Rotating
    Measuring range

    0 … ± 0,02 N·m
    0 … ± 0,05 N·m
    0 … ± 0,1 N·m
    0 … ± 0,2 N·m
    0 … ± 0,5 N·m
    0 … ± 1 N·m
    0 … ± 2 N·m
    0 … ± 5 N·m
    0 … ± 10 N·m
    0 … ± 20 N·m
    0 … ± 50 N·m
    0 … ± 100 N·m
    0 … ± 200 N·m
    0 … ± 500 N·m
    0 … ± 1000 N·m

    Signal output

    0 ... ±10 V
    0 ... ±5 V


    No dual-range

    Mechanical connection

    Round shaft 

    Electrical connection

    • 12 pins plug connection 
    • USB
    Integrated speed measurement Option
    (TTL output signal with 400 or 1024 increments)
    Integrated angle measurement Option
    (TTL output signal with 400 or 1024 increments; angle resolution 0.225° or 0.09° with four-edge decoding)
    Multiple range Ratio 1:4, 1:5;
    1:10 for measuring range 0 … 5 N·m
    Increments on encoder disk

    No encoder disk

    Protection class IP40
    Range of operating temperature 0 ... +60 °C
    Max. rotary speed Depending on measuring range 7 000 - 25 000 1/min
    Signal transmission non-contact
    Specific characteristics

    • Low linearity deviation of ≤ ± 0.05 % F.S.
    • Intelligent operating state indicator
    • Speed and angle measurement with resolution of up to 2000 increments (option)
    • High performance software (option USB) including mechanical power computation, multichannel operation, freely editable mathematical auxiliary channel
    • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Description

    The 8661 precision torque sensor is the ideal choice for reliable measurement of static and dynamic clockwise and counter-clockwise torques. Thanks to its high measurement quality and low linearity error, the sensor is equally at home in quality control or research & development. Designed for non-contact operation and zero-maintenance, the 8661 is also ideally suited to the production environment, whether on shift-based production lines, test benches or end-of-line test systems. The 8661 torque sensor is the specialist device for constant torque measurements during continuous operation and for test-bench measurements of holding, friction, break-away or tightening torques.

    An optional built-in incremental encoder disk with up to 2000 increments makes the sensor the perfect alternative where space or budget rule out an additional angle or speed sensor. For mobile use and for instant digital access to measurement data, the 8661 torque sensor is also available with a USB interface. A laptop or PC running the DigiVision PC software can read, visualize and archive the measurement data. System integration, for instance into LabView, is easy thanks to a driver package available free of charge.

    ► Test setups for precision mechanics
    ► Haptics testing of actuator elements
    ► Engine test benches and power measurement
    ► Biomechanical product testing
    ► Measurement of bearing friction torques
    ► Suitable for use in all types of test bench

    The 8661 torque sensor essentially consists of three blocks: the rotor, the housing (containing the stator) and the output electronics. The rotor is composed of several parts and contains the actual measuring device - a spring element. This spring element is designed to deform elastically under an applied torque. This results in torsion, which in turn pro-duces a very small amount of strain in the material of the measuring element. Within certain limits, this strain is linear and proportional to the applied torque. It can be measured using strain gauges, which are connected in a Wheatstone bridge circuit. A microprocessor conditions the signal from the Wheatstone bridge and transfers it to the stator. The rotor is linked to the stator via two ball-bearings, and signal transfer is contactless. The stator contains the electronics needed to supply the rotor with the required operating voltage by inductive and contactless means. In the opposite direction, it receives the optically transmitted, digitized torque signal and routes this signal to the output electronics. Here it is converted into an analog 0…± 10 V output signal, which is output via the connector. Alternatively, the sensor is available with a USB port. The 8661 torque sensor can optionally be fitted with an incremental encoder disk for measuring the speed and angle. This disk has 2000 increments, allowing angular resolutions of up to 0.045° by means of four-edge decoding. Three LEDs indicate the sensor operating status for simple diagnostics. Speeds of up to 25,000 min-1 can be measured depending on the selected measurement range and optional incremental encoder disk.

  • Data Sheet & Downloads

    Data sheet
    Operation manual
    Further info
  • Accessories

    pdf Mounting block 8661-Z001
    pdf Mounting block 8661-Z002
    pdf Mounting block 8661-Z003
    pdf Mounting block 8661-Z004
    pdf Metal bellows coupling
    pdf Connecting cable 99539
    pdf Connecting cable 99540
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