8820 Potentiometric angle of rotation sensor

Precise, long service life, inexpensive, for all types of analog angle measurement, low torque, continuous rotation possible, options: IP65

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      • Features

        • Measuring range 0° ... 350° depending on the model
        • Non-linearity from ± 0.5 % F.S.
        • Duration 100 x 106 movements
        • Low torque
        • Continuous rotation possible
        • Exceptionally inexpensive
        • Options: IP65, non-linearity 0.1 % F.S.
      • Product data

        Model 8820
        Principle Potentiometric
        Measuring range

        0 ... 350° depending on the model

        Signal output Depending on supply voltage
        Protection class IP40
        Range of operating temperature -55 ... +100 °C
        Supply voltage max. 50 V
        Electrical connection 3 pins for soldering, gold-plated
        Continuous rotation possible Yes
        Displacement speed max. 600 RPM
        Specific characteristics

        • Duration 100 x 106 movements
        • Low torque
        • Continuous rotation possible
        • Exceptionally inexpensive
        • Options: IP65, Non-linearity ± 0.1 % F.S.
      • Description

        As an angle sensor that is both accurate and economical, this rotary potentiometer is suitable for all types of analog angle measurement up to 350°.

        Typical fields of application include:

        • Position feedback in servo-systems
        • Pendulum weighing machines
        • Cam and butterfly flap positions
        • Jockey roller controllers
        • Measuring the tension of threads and tape
        • Trigonometric measurements at joints

        The heart of the potentiometric angular displacement sensors is an extremely precise, low-wear resistor track made of plastic. Due to its high resistance to abrasion, the sensors are particularly suitable for measurements for the purpose of quality assurance in ongoing production, where a long service life and large numbers of rotations are required.

        The potentiometric angular displacement sensor uses a multi-finger slider system with precious metal contacts. This ensures good contact even when moving at high speed and in the presence of vibrations.

        The high-precision resistor tracks are pressed in a lasercontrolled process and are therefore remarkably flat. This provides ideal conditions for a long service life.

        The stainless steel shaft is supported by close-tolerance, low-friction, stainless steel ball bearings with double sealing discs.

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      • Application Examples

        Measurement of mechanical values

        at a completely automated motor vehicle test bed

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