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There when you need us - including after-sales service. Our service team is always happy to help you with any problems you may have. 

Our products are supplied with a user manual or, for sensors, installation instructions. These contain all the information you need to get the devices operating and to use them correctly. In the unlikely event that problems do arise and you need to send your equipment to us for repair, please return it to the following address:

burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg
Abt. Kundendienst
Talstr. 1 5
76593 Gernsbach

For inquiries or returns, please provide all relevant equipment data; we can answer your queries immediately if we have the exact model name and serial number. 

You can reach our Service Engineers between 8am and 5pm on weekdays.

On-site customer service:

Our understanding of customer service includes working with you to integrate our measurement technology in complex production facilities. In our fast-moving age we face daily pressures such as rapid product turnaround, tight deadlines and sharply reduced downtimes. One consequence is rarely having enough time to get to grips with the often unfamiliar and complex topic of process instrumentation and its use in the field. 

Drawing on many years of experience and our on-site Customer Service team of expert Application Engineers we  provide system-integration support for our products, plus on-site commissioning, training, service and repair.

burster in Italy


burster Italia S.r.l.

Via Repubblica, 10
24035 Curno

Fon: +39/035/618120
Fax: +39 035618250


  • Qualified design, application support
  • Process optimization
  • Qualified integration support & training
  • On-site trouble shooting
  • Qualified phone & online support
  • Local calibration service

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