8431, 8432 Cella di carico miniatura

Piccole dimensioni, alta precisione, insensibile ai disturbi, semplice introduzione della forza, minima sensibilità laterale, per misure in trazione e compressione. Modello 8432 con protezione per sovraccarico.

  • Features

    • Piccole dimensioni
    • Per forze in trazione e compressione
    • Temperatura compensata di partenza a -55 °C e fino a 200 °C (opzionale)
    • Sensibilità laterale minima dovuta alle membrane di supporto
    • Precisione di misura: da 0.15 % F.S.
    • Range di misura da 0 ... 2.5 N a 0 ... 100 kN
    • Modello 8432 con protezione da sovraccarico sia in trazione che in compressione
  • Product data

    Model 8431, 8432
    Measuring range

    0 … 5 N
    0 … 10 N
    0 … 20 N
    0 … 50 N
    0 … 100 N
    0 … 200 N
    0 … 500 N
    0 … 1 kN
    0 … 2 kN
    0 … 5 kN
    0 … 10 kN
    0 … 20 kN
    0 … 40 kN
    0 … 50 kN
    0 … 100 kN

    0 … 2.5 N
    0 … 5 N
    0 … 10 N
    0 … 20 N
    0 … 50 N
    0 … 100 N
    0 … 200 N
    0 … 500 N
    0 … 1 kN
    0 … 2 kN

    Direction of force Tension and compression
    Standardization Option
    Signal output

    15 … 40 mV/V
    0.4 mV/V
    0,5 mV/V
    2 mV/V
    depending on measuring range

    15 … 40 mV/V
    0.4 mV/V
    0,5 mV/V
    2 mV/V
    depending on measuring range

    Protection class IP65
    Overload protection



    Pull-plate No
    Load introduction button No
    Range of operating temperature -55 ... +120 °C
    Specific characteristics
    • Small dimensions
    • Temperature compensation starting at - 55 °C and up to 200 °C optional
    • Minimum lateral sensitivity due to supporting membranes
  • Description

    Precise tension and compression force measurements can be performed in limited space with model 8431 and 8432 precision miniature load cells. High precision, various measuring ranges, convenient load application via threaded pins with external winding and small dimensions offer a wide scope of applications in laboratories and production.

    The series are among our most precise and yet mechanically sturdy miniature load cells. All options, typical only for larger load cells, are available with this miniature series such as hermetically sealed construction, overload protection and boring for pressure compensation when applied under vacuum.

    Its complex design with integrated support membranes and overload protection reduces additional construction effort for external overload protection or guidance of force of applied parts in many applications. This requires little space, has little material and weight and almost no component friction, which could falsify the measurement result.

    The connection cable suitable for robot applications make the precision miniature load cells especially suitable for use in the areas of special purpose

    • Machinery manufacture
    • Tool manufacturing
    • Handling gear

    The force to be measured is applied to the cylindrical sensor unit in the tension or compression direction by means of the two external threads. This means that the sensor must be mounted without any attachments touching the end faces of the sensor housing. This avoids excessive contact pressures on the material and tensions inside the sensor that would affect its measuring element. Please refer to the sensor user manual for guidance on the various options for fitting the sensor, which depend amongst other factors on its measurement range. Although the precision miniature load cell is designed to isolate the measuring element from external forces, torsion and bending moments should be avoided.

    Two stabilizing support diaphragms inside the sensors for small measurement ranges minimize the effect of transverse forces and moments and ensure long-term mechanical stability for measurements. The network for temperature compensation or standardization of the output signal is located on a sheathed circuit board in a wider section of the sensor's connecting cable. The maximum static operational force is the maximum force in the direction of the measurement axis that the sensor can tolerate. The overload protection is not designed for frequent use of the sensor in the overload range or for sudden loads. The sensors work in any orientation. They have an active side which acts directly on the measuring element, whereas the passive side is fixed to the housing.

  • Data Sheet & Downloads

    Data sheet
    Operation manual
    Further info
  • Accessories

    pdf Rod ends with internal/external thread for force introduction
  • Videos

    Example showing load cell fitted under pre-load using quick-change device

    Youtube channel Burster Youtube Channel

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