9243 Modulo Amplificatore

Calibrazione integrata, potenziale separazione, configurabile mediante DIP-switches, facile instrallazione con montaggio a guida DIN, Versione con protezione IP65 opzionale.

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      • Features

        • Precisione < 0.05 % F.S.
        • Uscita ± 5 V, ±10 V e 0 (4) - 20 mA
        • Tecnologia a 6 fili
        • Isolamento tra il segale e l'alimentazione
        • Taglio di frequenza 1 kHz, opzionale 4 kHz
        • Configurazione mediante DIP switches
        • Facile installazione con montaggio a guida DIN
      • Product data

        Model 9243
        Measurement error < 0.05 % F.S.
        Type of sensor

        • Strain gauge
        • Potentiometer
        • DC/DC
        • Transmitter

        • Snap-in plug connection
        Sensor excitation

        Strain gauge:

        • 2.5 V
        • 5 V
        • 10 V


        • 5 V

        Transmitter or DC/DC:

        • 2.5 V
        • 5 V
        • 10 V
        Protection class IP20 / IP65
        Supply voltage

        20 ... 36 VDC
        14 ... 26 VAC
        < 3 VA

        Specific characteristics

        • Outputs ± 5 V, ±10 V and 0 (4) - 20 mA
        • 6 wire technique
        • Isolation between signal and power supply
        • Cut-off frequency 1 kHz, optional 4 kHz
        • Configuration via DIP switches
        • Easy installation on DIN mounting rail
      • Description

        The amplifier module model 9243 is used wherever measurement signals from strain gauges, potentiometric sensors or DC/DC sensors have to be converted into standard signals. Simply by mounting on conventional DIN-mount rails, it is possible to position the amplifier module on location, in the proximity of the sensor. Especially for rough environments a IP65 version is available.

        The broad auxiliary power range and the choice between AC or DC permits operation on standard power supplies used in switch gear cabinets. A highly precise reference voltage source is built-in for calibration purposes. A calibrating shunt can also be connected via two separate terminals. This permits deliberate detuning of a strain gauge sensor for calibration or merely to check the measuring chain.

        A highly accurate precision amplifier performs the amplification of the sensor signal being applied. The necessary gain factor is adjusted coarsely with DIP switches while fine-tuning is carried out by using a potentiometer. Current and voltage outputs are available simultaneously. The sensor excitation is performed by the amplifier module itself so that no additional voltage source is required. It can also be set in steps of 2.5 V, 5 V, 10 V using DIP switches. The maximum feed current of 35 mA permits parallel connection of several strain gages, e.g. for the addition of measurement variables. Measurement errors brought about by varying line lengths or due to temperature fluctuations effecting the sensor cable are avoided by having probe lines measuring the actual feed voltage directly on site at the sensor itself (6 wire technology). Fluctuations are immediately corrected electronically. The cut-off frequency of the amplifier can be switched between 10 Hz and 1 kHz. The DIP switches for configuring the entire device are found easily accessible, under a cover.

      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Data sheet
        Operation manual
      • Accessories

        pdf Integrated amplifier

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