9236 Amplificatore multicanale per sensori strain gauge

Opera con fino a 4 canali di misura, semplice configurazione tramite DIP switch, protetto contro la connessione inversa e i corti-circuiti, elevato grado di protezione fino a IP67, disponibile anche come scheda con circuito stampato senza custodia

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      • Features

        • Fino a 4 canali di misura
        • Uscita in tensione 0 a ± 5 V / 0 a ±10 V
        • Protezione contro connessione inversa e corto-circuiti
        • Disponibile anche come scheda con circuito stampato senza custodia
        • Configurazione semplice mediante DIP switch
        • Elevato grado di protezione fino a IP67
      • Product data

        Model 9236
        Measurement error 0.1 % F.S.
        Type of sensor Strain gauge
        Interfaces At screw terminal
        Sensor excitation 2.5 V
        Protection class IP20 / IP67
        Supply voltage 15 ... 30 VDC
        Measurement channels 2-4
        Specific characteristics

        • Voltage output 0 to ± 5 V / 0 to ±10 V
        • Protected against reverse connection and short-circuit
        • Also available as circuit board without housing
        • Simple configuration using DIP switch
        • High degree of protection up to IP67
      • Description

        Situations often occur in practice in which it is necessary to place a measuring amplifier immediately in the neighborhood of the sensor in order to be able to access a standard signal there. In this way, long distances to the evaluating electronics can be covered.

        This task can ideally be performed by the 9236 in-line measuring amplifier. With its high degree of protection (IP67) its singlechannel version can be integrated into the application even in the tough environment outside the switch gear cabinet.

        In the multichannel version, up to four measuring channels can be implemented in one housing for the DIN carrier rail. This means that it can be located either in the switch gear cabinet, or in the immediate neighborhood of the sensor.

        Users who want to put the amplifier onto an existing circuit board or who wish to construct their own housing can also obtain the amplifier as an open circuit board. It can be integrated by means of screw terminals.

        The 9236 measuring amplifier finds applications wherever the output signal from sensors based on wire strain gages, such as force, pressure or torque sensors, must be converted into a voltage signal, e.g.

        • Automatic production machinery
        • Laboratory measurements
        • Integration into customer‘s circuit boards
        • Field measurements

        The measuring amplifier itself is powered by voltages between 15 V and 30 V. Internally, the highly accurate, short-circuit protected sensor excitation voltage is generated and used to supply the sensor‘s measuring bridge. The input range of the amplifier is appropriate for sensitivities between 0.5 and 30 mV/V and is also suitable for semiconductor strain gages.

        The analog output voltage can be set to a range from 0 to ± 5 V or 0 to ± 10 V. DIP switches are used to set the input range. Fine adjustments and zero point setting are performed by means of multi-turn potentiometers that are mounted on the circuit board. The sensors are connected, and the auxiliary power supplied, through user-friendly screw terminals.

        The amplifier in the IP67 version can, if in fact necessary, be achieved by clamping, gluing, or with the aid of a cable tie. The open circuit board has mounting holes for easy assembly. The amplifier‘s limit frequency is 1 kHz.

      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Data sheet
        Operation manual
      • Accessories

        pdf Integrated amplifier
        pdf Multichannel mount for instrumentation amplifier Model 9236-V0xx and Model 9206-V0xxx

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