Small-Sized Digital Indicator Provides Large Range of Functions

The multi-channel digital indicator model 9163 from burster covers a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications in which measuring values have to be acquired, displayed, evaluated and transferred to superordinated controls. Its multi-channel ability allows the connection of up to four sensors as well as their association via mathematical functions. Thus also complex measuring tasks like i.e. differential measurements can be performed with only one instrument.

With its high measuring speed of 500 measuring values/s the indicator model 9163 also targets on time critical applications requiring fast reaction times. Profitable, practice-related features like the storage of min, max and peak-peak values are self-evident and round up the functional scope of the digital display. The further processing of the measuring value can be carried out via Profibus, USB, RS232 or analog output.

Besides the four activatable limit values a change of the display colour serves as optical alarm what renders the process evaluation yet easier and more economical. The indicator is specified with a measuring accuracy of 0.1 % and supports the direct alignment of strain gauge and potentiometric sensors as well as transmitters with process value output. The necessary auxiliary energy for the connected sensors is supplied by a highly precise internal voltage source. Various operations like i.e. ‘tare’ or ‘measuring value on hold’ can be triggered via two digital inputs. A manual linearization that enables amongst others the input of up to 64 support values, permits the entry of varied sensor characteristics. All instrument settings can be effected alternatively via keyboard, RS232, RS485 or Profibus interface.

The efficient measuring package is brought to perfection by the optionally available configuration software DigiVision for the further processing and reporting of the operated measurements.

Product Responsibility:
Marco Völlinger
Phone: (+49) 07224-645-18

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