81530 Trasduttore di pressione miniatura

Piccolo, affidabile, robusto, flush diaphragm montato, sigillato ermeticamente, in acciaio inossidabile, per misure statiche e dinamiche, per condizioni grezze, umide e bagnate.

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      • Features

        • Range di misura compresi tra 0 ... 1 bar e 0 ... 1000 bar
        • Flush diaphragm montato
        • Range di temperatura fino a 200 °C
        • Ideale per misure statiche e dinamiche
        • Prodotto in acciaio inossidabile
        • Affidabile e robusto
        • Classe di protezione IP68
      • Product data

        Model 81530
        Measuring range

        0 … 1 bar
        0 … 2 bar
        0 … 5 bar
        0 … 10 bar
        0 … 20 bar
        0 … 50 bar
        0 … 100 bar
        0 … 200 bar
        0 … 500 bar
        0 … 1000 bar

        Kind of measurement Absolute pressure
        Signal output

        0.3 mV/V
        0.6 mV/V
        1.5 mV/V
        Depending on measuring range

        Range of operating temperature -55 ... +200 °C
        Burst pressure/ -protection 400 % over capacity
        Dead volume Flush mounted sensor without dead volume
        Specific characteristics

        • Flush mounted diaphragm
        • Temperature range up to 200 °C
        • Suitable for static and dynamic measurings
        • Made of stainless steel
        • Reliable and robust
      • Description

        This transducer is really versatile thanks to its flush-mounted front diaphragm and small size. Whether used for measurements in the food industry or engineering sector, it is equally at home in high-viscosity fluids as it is in corrosive liquids and gases. Its excellent dynamic response means that the transducer can also measure very rapid changes in pressure.

        Areas of use:

        • Plastics industry
        • Aerospace engineering 
        • Chemicals industry
        • Test station construction
        • Biotechnology

        The diaphragm, body and bayonet connector form a single unit in this miniature pressure transducer. The thin diaphragm fabricated from a single piece with clamping ring, and the connector, are welded to the sensor body to provide a hermetic seal. Pressures are measured with respect to a sealed atmosphere of approximately 1 bar as reference pressure (kind of measurement: absolute pressure measurements).

        The screw thread of the pressure transducer ends in an Oring groove, sealed by a rubber, plastic or metal O-ring according to the pressure range and medium. 

      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Data sheet

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