8201N Trasduttore di pressione preciso

Basso prezzo, compatto, robusto, in acciaio inossidabile, per sostanze liquide e gassose, per misure statiche e dinamiche

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      • Features

        • Range di misura da 0 ... 5 bar a 0 ... 1000 bar
        • Precisione < 0.25 %
        • Uscita 0 ... 5 V, 0 ... 20 mA or 4 ... 20 mA disponibile
        • Per sostanze liquide e gassose
        • Può essere usato per misure statiche e dinamiche
        • Prodotto in acciaio inossidabile, affidabile, robusto
        • Segnale di uscita standardizzato a 1.0 mV/V
      • Product data

        Model 8201N
        Measuring range

        0 … 5 bar
        0 … 10 bar
        0 … 20 bar
        0 … 50 bar
        0 … 100 bar
        0 … 200 bar
        0 … 300 bar
        0 … 500 bar
        0 … 800 bar
        0 … 1000 bar

        Kind of measurement Against atmospheric pressure
        Signal output

        0 … 5 V
        0 … 20 mA
        4 … 20 mA

        Range of operating temperature -30 ... +120 °C
        Burst pressure/ -protection > 100 % over capacity
        Dead volume

        5.8 cm3

        Specific characteristics

        • For liquid and gaseous media
        • Can be used for dynamic and static measurements
        • Made of stainless steel, reliable, sturdy
        • Standardized output signal to 1.0 mV/V
        • USB interface or CANopen
      • Description

        Model number 8201 precision pressure sensors are robust, economical, and are available in standard measuring ranges. Their good technical specification and high reliability make them optimum for measuring pressure in all fields of machine construction, process technology, as well as in measurement and control technology.

        The pressure transducers are easy to handle and immune to shock loads and vibrations as they are designed without moving parts.

        All pressure transducers without an internal amplifier have a standardized output signal of 1.0 mV/V. This enables the user to change a transducer in a measuring chain as liked without following readjustment of the electronic.

        Customized designs are available on request.

        Aeras of application are:

        • Hydraulic or pneumatic machines
        • Mechanical engineering
        • Plant control and monitoring

        The measuring element of the precision pressure transducer consists of a diaphragm. On its reverse side a strain gauge rosette is applied, which is an assembly of 4 active strain gauges arranged in a bridge circuit. The pressure is measured against atmosphere, that means the space behind the diaphragm is connected to the surrounding atmosphere (relative) via a small outlet in the housing.

        Each transducer is available with an internal amplifier, a socalled pressure transmitter, with voltage or current output. The input of the internal amplifier is immune against polarity reversal and the output is immune against over-voltage. 

      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Data sheet
        Operation manual


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