85081, 85082 Tension load cells

Robusta, precisa, per applicazioni statiche e dinamiche, interamente saldata, acciaio, alta classe di protezione

  • Features

    • Range di misura da 0 ... 10 kN a 0 ... 1 MN
    • Non linearità < 0.2 % F.S.
    • Per applicazioni statiche e dinamiche
    • Realizzata in acciaio inossidabile
    • Interamente saldata
    • Opzione IP68
    • Versioni speciali, per forze tensione e compressione, su richiesta
  • Product data

    Model 85081, 85082
    Measuring range

    0 … 10 kN
    0 … 20 kN
    0 … 50 kN
    0 … 100 kN
    0 … 200 kN
    0 … 500 kN
    0 … 1000 kN

    Direction of force Zug
    Standardization No
    Signal output 2 mV/V
    Protection class IP64
    Overload protection No
    Pull-plate No
    Load introduction button No
    Range of operating temperature -55 ... +120 °C
    Specific characteristics
    • Non-linearity < 0.2 % F.S.
    • For static and dynamic measurements
    • Made of stainless steel
    • Welded construction
    • Optionally IP68
    • Special versions, e.g. for tensile and compressive force, by request
  • Description

    These load cells have an external or internal thread on both sides and can therefore be used for accurately measuring tensile forces in rods or, using thread eyes, in cables. The robust construction – welded of stainless steel – allows the sensor to be used in many fields such as research, development, test engineering and quality control.


    • Vehicle and container scales
    • Test machines
    • Measurements of proportioning and filling level
    • Measurement of cable forces and cranes
    • Avalanche research
    • Oil production

    Both load cell types have cylindrical bodies, with a thread at each end for the application of the force. The good figures for linearity, hysteresis and long-term stability are achieved as a result of the special design of the measuring element, on which there is a full-bridge wire strain gauge. The sensors are constructed of stainless steel and are welded to hermetically seal them. The electrical connection has an important effect on the degree of protection of the sensors. Splash-proof protection is achieved here through a highquality military standard plug-in connector. They are totally sealed by an integrated, waterproof cable connection (optional).

    On the model 85081 there is a threaded bolt with an external thread on each side of the cylindrical body. These threaded bolts are integral components of the sensor. On the model 85082, both sides of the cylindrical body have an internal thread. The model 85083 has one internal and external thread.

  • Data Sheet & Downloads

    Data sheet
    Further info

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