8532, 9186 Catena di misura a basso presso per applicazioni semplici con cella di carico e indicatore digitale

Indicatore di forza estremamente economica, design del sensore compatto, fori filettati per un montaggio semplice, ottima visualizzazione tramite display da 20mm, fino a 2 valori limite (opzionale), disponibile in versione da banco o pannello.

  • Features

    • Range di misura da 0 ... 500 N a 0 ... 20 kN
    • Indicatore digitale economico
    • Sensore dal design compatto
    • Fori filettati per un rapido montaggio
    • Ottima visualizzazione tramite il display da 20mm
    • Visualizzazione fino a 2 valori limite (opzionale)
    • Disponibile in versione da banco o da pannello
    • La catena di misura è già calibrata e pronta all'uso
  • Product data

    Model 8532, 9186
    Measuring range

    0 ... 500 N
    0 ... 20 kN

    Protection class


    IN-LINE amplifier

    Specific characteristics
    • Measuring ranges from 0 ... 500 N to 0 ... 20 kN
    • Extremely economical force indicator
    • Compact sensor design
    • Threaded holes for easy assembly
    • Very good visual indication via 20 mm display
    • Up to 2 limit values optionally possible
    • Optionally as built-in or bench top housing
    • Measuring chain is trimmed and ready for immediate use
  • Description

    The force measuring chain has been developed for applications where the requirements for precision are not the primary focus, but rather where an economical purchase price and simple functionality are the key criteria. The sensor‘s strain gauge technology allows both static and dynamically changing forces to be measured. The large display means that the force acting on the sensor can be read easily. The four integrated threaded holes allow the sensor to be integrated quickly and easily into existing production and assembly equipment. 

    Typical applications include

    • Testing the strength of welded joints
    • Sports medicine
    • Monitoring the clamping force of hose connections

    The body of the sensor is a flat, cylindrical disk, into which a domed force application knob is integrated. It is important that the force is applied axially to the center of the sensor.

    A full-bridge strain gauge is used as the measuring element inside the sensor, by means of which the force to be measured is converted into a proportional electrical voltage. This is indicated as a force on the display.

    It has been possible to implement this extremely economical digital indicator through the use of the latest microprocessor technology. The simplicity of operation and adjustment need hardly be explained. The self-explanatory abbreviations allow even an inexperienced user to configure the device in a very short time.

  • Data Sheet & Downloads

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