87240 Sensore di spostamento DC/DC

Per misura di spostamento e di grandezze meccaniche che possono essere convertite in spostamento, amplificatore integrato, libero da isteresi, ampio range di temperatura.

  • Features

    • Range 0 ... ± 1.27 mm a 0 ... ± 76.20 mm
    • Amplificatore integrato
    • Libero da isteresi
    • Range di temperatura da -50° C ... 120° C
    • Ideale per applicazioni con fluidi idraulici fino a 3 bar
    • Protezione IP64
  • Product data

    Model 87240
    Principle Inductive
    Measuring range

    0 … ± 1.27 mm
    0 … ± 1.8 mm
    0 … ± 2.54 mm
    0 … ± 3.8 mm
    0 … ± 6.35 mm
    0 … ± 9.5 mm
    0 … ± 12.70 mm
    0 … ± 19.0 mm
    0 … ± 25.40 mm
    0 … ± 38.1 mm
    0 … ± 50.80 mm
    0 … ± 69.5 mm
    0 … ± 76.20 mm
    0 … ± 82.5 mm

    Signal output see data sheet
    Protection class IP64
    Range of operating temperature -50 ... +120 °C
    Excitation voltage 6 ... 30 VDC
    Electrical connection

    4 teflon insulated wires

    Return spring No
    Specific characteristics
    • Integrated amplifier
    • Free of hysteresis
    • Suitable for operation in hydraulic fluid up to 3 bar
  • Description

    Displacement and all mechanical values which can be converted to displacements (e.g. compressive and tensile force, strain, torque and vibration) may be measured by this DC/DC displacement sensor. Typical application areas are the measurement of displacement and strain on machines, servo systems, vehicles, on test plants, in civil engineering and tunnel construction.

    An integrated maintenance-free electronic and a high-level DC output signal provide an easy handling without any problems.

    Displacement sensors of series 87240 convert a displacement into an analog electrical signal. They consist of a differential transformer with moveable core, an oscillator and a demodulator. These components are integrated and encapsulated in a cylindrical housing made of stainless steel. The sensors are energized by DC voltage, which is converted to AC by the oscillator and brought to the primary coil of differential transformer. The voltages induced by the two secondary windings of the transformer are demodulated, filtered and switched inverse to each other. The result is a 0 V signal, if the core is in the center position.

    The direction of an axial core displacement is shown by the polarity of the output voltage. The amplitude of the voltage changes proportional to the magnitude of the core’s displacement and respectively to the measured deflection.

    In and output terminals of the displacement sensor are galvanically insulated and there is no connection to the housing of the sensor.

    The mounting of the DC/DC displacement sensor will be done e.g. by a clip enclosing the sensor’s housing. The dynamic unit to be measured should be connected to the core of the sensor. To avoid an influence to the magnetic field and the measured value, coupling elements have to consist of a non magnetizable material like brass, aluminium or non-magnetizable steel.

  • Data Sheet & Downloads

    Data sheet
    Flyer / Info

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