1282 Resistenza ad alta capacità di precisione

Carico nominale 20 W, ranges 1 mΩ ... 100 mΩ, principio di misurazione a quattro canali, precisione 0.02 %, per frequenze tecniche di 50 Hz

  • Features

    • Coefficiente di temperatura ≤ 10 ppm/K
    • Carico nominale 20 W
    • Campo di misura1 mΩ ... 100 mΩ
    • Principio di misurazione a quattro canali
    • Precisione 0.02 %
    • Per frequenze tecniche 50 Hz
  • Product data

    Model 1282
    Resistance value

    1 mΩ
    10 mΩ
    100 mΩ

    Tolerance 0.02 %
    Temperature coefficient ≤ ± 10 ppm/K
    Storage stability < 0.01 % over years
    Power 20 W
    Range of operating temperature 0 ... +23 ... +40 °C
    Specific characteristics

    • Four-terminal measurement principle
    • Accuracy 0.02 %
    • For technical frequency 50 Hz
  • Description

    In connection with very precise digital voltmeters the model 1282 resistors are used as measuring resistors for accurate registration of direct and alternating currents up to 200 A. The compact construction supports universal application. The exceptional low temperature coefficient extends the scope of application a second time. 

    A typical application is the wide range of quality and reliability testing. Regular measurements give a reliable information of the quality level of parts, instruments and systems.

    Technologies already approved with our precision and calibration resistors - which especially guarantee a secure conduction of the dissipation heat - have been transferred to the precision high capacity resistors. Those are designed on four-wire measurement principle. The voltage path is equalized to the customized value and to an accuracy of 0.02 %, (with reference temperature = 23 °C).

    At maximum load a temperature increase within the resistor occurs. This temperature increase is compensated by a large surface area of the cooling body. The heat resistance of the resistors described is 1 K/W: The temperature of the resistor rises 1 K per Watt of supplied energy. All power and limiting values of the diagrams overleaf refer to the resistor material MANGANIN®. Unfavourable installation with insufficient possibility of ventilation and cooling have to be taken into consideration accordingly. 

    The potential tap is effected via brass terminals with 4 mm hole. The screw-terminals for the current feed are dimensioned according to the maximum capacity.

  • Data Sheet & Downloads

    Data sheet
    Operation manual


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