9206 Interfaccia USB multisensore

Design "Plug & measure", connessione semplice tramite porta USB del PC, risoluzione fino a 24 bit, misure ad alta velocità fino a 1200 misure/secondo, possibilità di collegare in rete diverse interfacce.

  • Features

    • Design economico "Plug & Measure"
    • Connessione semplice tramite porta USB del PC
    • 24 bit di risoluzione
    • Altavelocità di misurazione fino a 1200 letture/secondo
    • Sofftware di configurazione e analisi DIGIVISION
    • Opzione PT100
    • Drivers LabVIEW e DLL senza costi aggiuntivi
    • Integrazione semplice con il software di Vostra proprietà
    • Tecnologia a 6 fili per un'elevata precisione
  • Product data

    Model 9206
    Measurement accuracy 0.01 % F.S.
    Sample rate 1200/s
    Type of sensor

    • Strain gauge
    • Potentiometric
    • DC/DC
    • Pt100
    Interfaces USB
    Indicator Status LED
    Sensor excitation

    Strain gauge:

    • 2.5 V / 5 V


    • 5 V

    Transmitter and DC/DC sensors:

    • 12 V
    Protection class IP67
    Supply voltage 4 V … 6 V
    Specific characteristics

    • Inexpensive "Plug & Measure" design
    • Simple connection via PC USB port
    • 24 bit resolution
    • High-speed measurement of up to 1200 readings/sec.
    • Convenient configuration and analysis software DigiVision
    • Pt100 as option
    • LabVIEW and DLL drivers free of charge
    • Integration in customer-owned software
    • 6 wire technology for the highest precision
  • Description

    In the field there is a frequent need to measure sensor readings rapidly and easily right at the sensor and to transfer them directly to a PC without additional amplifiers or converters. The 9206 USB sensor interface can satisfy this requirement admirably, thanks to its „plug & measure“ design. The USB connection means installation could not be simpler.

    Typical applications:

    • Mobile test measurements via laptop
    • Laboratory test set-ups
    • Instrumentation and control
    • Diagnostic measurements in the chemical industry
    • PC-based recording of expansion figures in bio engineering

    The USB sensor interface takes its supply from the connected PC via the USB port, and uses it to generate the power supply for the sensors. The initial settings and sensor settings are made by burster in-house and saved in the USB sensor interface. These can then be fine-tuned by the customer.

    Software provides display and archiving functions. But a license key enables an open-end expansion. 32 interfaces output curves may be displayed at the same time. One USB sensor interface can be connected as standard. Each sensor can be tared individually, and measurement curves can be displayed jointly or separately in a graph. We can configure the interface to suit a specific sensor, although customer-specific parameters can be changed using the free analysis software supplied.

    The connection to LabVIEW or the integration into customers’ software is enabled by a free driver package.

  • Data Sheet & Downloads

    Data sheet
    Operation manual
    Further info
  • Accessories

    pdf Pt100 temperature sensor for DIGISTANT®, RESISTOMAT®, simulators, industrial applications
    pdf Integrated amplifier
    pdf Connecting plug
  • Press information

    USB-Sensor-Interface für Multi-Channel-Anwendungen

    Mit dem neuen Multi-Sensor-USB-Interface Typ 9206 setzt burster konsequent im Bereich der Auswerteelektronik mit USB-Anbindung nach. Das Interface eignet sich für alle Anwendungen, bei denen Messsignale mehrerer Sensoren schnell und direkt ohne…


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