DIGISTANT® 4462 Sorgente di calibrazione ad alta precisione per tensione, corrente e termocoppie

Sorgente di calibrazione ad alta precisione DIGISTANT® per tensione, corrente e termocoppie, current and thermocouples,per test e calibrazione precisi e per il controllo dei processi, precisione di base 0,005%, interfacce RS2232 e IEEE488

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      • Features

        • Generatore di corrente e tensione ad elevata precisione ± 52 mA, ± 30 V 
          Opzione: ± 22 mA, ± 60 V
        • Simulazione precisa per tutti i tipi di termocoppie convenzionali (optional)
        • Limite di errore 0.003 % Rdg.
        • Standard con interfacce RS232 e IEEE488, USB e Ethernet (opzionale)
        • Funzione Current "SINK"
      • Product data

        Model 4462
        DC voltage simulation

        300 mV
        3 V
        30 V
        60 V (Option)

        Measurement accuracy voltage simulation 0.003 %
        DC voltage measurement No
        DC current simulation

        52 mA
        (22 mA)

        Measurement accuracy current simulation 0.007 %
        DC current measurement No
        Thermocouples simulation Yes
        RTD simulation No
        Interfaces RS232
        Supply voltage

        230 V / 45 - 65 Hz
        115 V / 45 - 65 Hz

        Specific characteristics

        • High precision current and voltage source ± 52 mA, ± 30 V 
        • Option: ± 22 mA, ± 60 V
        • Precision simulation for all conventional thermocouple types (optional)
        • Error limit 0.003 % Rdg.
        • Standard with RS232 and IEEE488 interface, USB and Ethernet (optional)
        • Current "SINK"
      • Description

        The precision calibration unit combines high accuracy, low drift, low noise and superior long-term stability with multiple functionality and simple operation. Ramps, Δ+/Δ-, and multiple setpoint storage make the operation of the device easier for the user.

        For that reason the application possibilities are many:

        • Calibration of current and DC-voltage meters
        • Precise testing of thermocouple temperature measuring instruments
        • Calibration of controllers, sensors, detection devices and other devices used in process control
        • Open-loop process control with the aid of integrated ramp function

        DIGISTANT® model 4462 can be used both as a standalone table-top device, as well as in automatic, computerassisted manufacturing and testing systems.

        It is possible to set currents of ± 200 nA ... ± 52 mA, voltages of ± 1 μV ... ± 30 V and, optionally temperature setpoint values of 14 thermocouple types.

        The output value is fed back via the sensor line to eliminate voltage drops across the measuring leads. The device has an adjustable current/voltage limitation. An external voltage divider of 1 up to 1:1000 can be considered internally.

        With the thermovoltage sourcing option you can enter °C, °F and K, the temperature scales ITS 90 or IPTS 68 and the comparison point mode constant/external. Furthermore, when sourcing thermocouples a calibrated external comparison point can be used, whereby the data for calibration in the device can be taken into consideration.

        Indication of the source value is carried out in large 12 mm figures on an illuminated graphics-LCD.

        The device can be operated both via the keyboard as well as the interface.

      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Data sheet
        Operation manual
      • Accessories

        pdf Assembly set for 19“-3U rack mounting
        pdf IEEE488 interface modul for retrofit
        pdf External reference junction for thermocouples Model 4485-V001


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