DIGIFORCE® 9311 Per monitorare operazioni di pressatura, rivettatura

Il DIGIFORCE® 9311 è il nuovo standard economico per il controllo della qualità dai tecnici specialisti in burster. 

Il controllore di forza e spostamento pionieristico fornisce risultati di valutazione rapidi quando vengono richiesti elevati standard di qualità associati a elevati livelli di produzione.


  • Features

    • Integrazione flessibile del bus di campo mediante PROFIBUS, PROFINET o EtherNet/IP
    • Riconoscimento automatico del sensore mediante burster TEDS
    • Display a colori touchscreen da 3.5"
    • 16 programmi di misura
    • Registrazione rapida dei dati su chiavetta USB
    • Nuovi elementi di valutazioni (finestra trapezioidale e soglie)
    • I/O configurabili dall'utente e 6 segnali di commutazione in tempo reale
    • Configurazione automatica degli elementi di valutazione
    • Gestione dei dati dell'operatore, amministratore e identificazione
    • Possibilità di visualizzare e analizzare a display le ultime 50  misurazioni
    • Registra e valuta una curva di andata e ritorno
    • Valori in tempo reale grazie all'interfaccia Fieldbus interface
    • Registrazione sincronizzata delle misure utilizzando il software per PC DigiControl nel caso di applicazioni multicanale
  • Product data

    Model DIGIFORCE® 9311
    Measurement channels 2
    Max. amount of active measurement channels 2
    Type of sensor

    • Strain gauge
    • Potentiometer
    • Process signal analog
    • Piezo
    Measurement accuracy < 0,2 % F.S.
    < 1 % F.S. (Piezo)
    Fieldbus interfaces

    • PLC interfacee
    • EtherNet/IP

    • USB slave (service interface on the front)
    • Ethernet
    • USB master
    Max. amount of measurement programs 16
    Evaluation time 25 ms
    Automatic sensor identification Yes
    Autoconfiguration Yes
    Acoustic and optic error indication Yes
    Data logging Yes
    Components counter Yes
    Specific characteristics

    • Flexible Fieldbus integration by PROFIBUS, PROFINET or EtherNet/IP
    • Automatic sensor recognition from burster TEDS
    • 3.5" colour touchscreen display
    • 16 measurement programs
    • Rapid data logging on USB flash drive
    • New evaluation elements (trapezoid window and thresholds)
    • User-configurable I/Os and 6 real-time switching signals
    • Smart autosetup for evaluation elements
    • Handles worker, admin and identification data
    • Up to 50 most recent measurements available for display and analysis
    • Records and evaluates a forward and return curve
    • Live sensor values provided at the Fieldbus interface
    • Synchronous logging of measurement data using DigiControl PC software for multichannel applications
  • Description

    DIGIFORCE® 9311 is the new standard in efficient quality control. The pioneering force/displacement controller delivers rapid, precise evaluation results for applications that demand both high quality and high productivity. The smart performance features and intelligent hardware make test equipment quicker to set up, easier to use and capable of automatic integration in modern production systems. This unrivalled product specification gives businesses the added security and dependability they need for increasingly complex production processes.

    The DIGIFORCE® 9311 monitors processes in which precisely defined functional relationships need to be demonstrated between two measured quantities of the process. For instance when recording and monitoring processes such as press-insertion, joining, riveting, stamping or caulking, reliable quality control depends on synchronous and high-speed acquisition of measured values combined with analysis based on versatile evaluation elements. DIGIFORCE® 9311 provides the modern platform you need for this task, offering the widest choice of Fieldbus interfaces, including PROFINET, PROFIBUS and EtherNet/IP, to let you integrate the test setup in your particular control environment.

    Even in fully manual workstations such as manual presses with force/displacement monitoring, DIGIFORCE® 9311 can be used for convenient and efficient process monitoring thanks to custom add-on functions like acknowledge and inhibit signals.

    The DIGIFORCE® 9311 uses burster TEDS to provide automatic sensor recognition. This feature automatically reads an electronic datasheet stored in the sensor so that the relevant data can be used in the measurement-channel configuration. With no chance of operator error during setup or servicing, it’s best to play safe with burster TEDS. DIGIFORCE® 9311 offers versatile solutions for processes that need not just an OK/NOK evaluation but also data logging capabilities for recorded measurements and curves. Data from semi-automated and fully automated systems can be logged via the available Fieldbuses without slowing down production or via the Ethernet port (included as standard) linked to a server, host or local PC. The DigiControl PC software provides support with an automatic data logging mode that runs in parallel with production. There is also the option for high-speed data acquisition on a USB flash drive.

  • Data Sheet & Downloads

    Data sheet
    Operation manual
    Further info
  • Videos

    How to do: DIGIFORCE® 9311 - Configuring the sensor channels and recording an X/Y curve

    Monitoring the crimping process of rotational symmetrical parts

    DIGIFORCE® 9311. The new benchmark for economic quality controls.

    Because every hit counts. DIGIFORCE® - Precision meets speed.

    Motek exhibition video burster

    How to do: DIGIFORCE® 9311 - Configuring curve evaluation using the examples of pass-through window, block window, trapezoid and threshold

    How to do: DIGIFORCE® 9311 - Configuring curve evaluation using the example of an envelope

    How to do: DIGIFORCE® 9311 - Configuring the sensor channels and the measurement mode using burster TEDS

    Youtube channel Burster Youtube Channel

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