RESISTOMAT® 2408 Teraohmmetro digitale

Selezione automatica del valore di misura, tensione di prova selezionabile da 1 V ... 1000 V, interfaccia RS232 (IEEE488)

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      • Features

        • Campo di misura della resistenza da 1 kΩ ... 100 TΩ
        • Campo di misura della corrente da 0.1 pA ... 1 mA
        • Autorange
        • Prova di tensione selezionabile da 1 V ... 1000 V
        • Indicatore dei limiti
        • Risultati delle misurazioni salvabili su supporto USB flash drive esterno
        • Interfaccia RS232 (USB e Ethernet optional)
      • Product data

        Model 2408
        Resistance range

        1 x 103 ... 100 x 1012 Ω

        Measurement accuracy resistance range

        • < 1 x 1012  Ω             0.5 %
        • 1 x 1012 ... 1 x 1013 Ω   1 %
        • 1 x 1013 ... 1 x 1014 Ω 10 %
        • > 1 x 1014 Ω   lower measurement accuracy
        Voltage range

        1 x 10-13 ... 1 x 10-3 A

        Measurement accuracy voltage range

        • 1 nA … 1 mA:      0.5 %
        • 100 pA … 1 nA :   1 %
        • 1 pA … 100 pA:    10 %
        Test voltage 1 ... 1000 V
        Limit Yes

        • RS232
        • USB (option)
        • Ethernet (option)
        Specific characteristics

        • Autorange
        • Limit indicator
        • Measurement results storable on external USB flash drive
      • Description

        RESISTOMAT® model 2408 megohmmeter has been especially developed to measure extremely high resistance values with a high degree of accuracy. This instrument has a specifi cation that makes it suitable for all common applications. The measurement voltages equal those given in the DIN test regulations (e.g. DIN 51953, DIN 53482, DIN 54345, DIN 57281 and DIN 57411) for measuring the electrical resistance value across fi lms, fl oor coverings, test equipment, cables, moldable materials, rubber, plastics, insulating oils and the like. 

        Fast serial measurements can be performed using the integral limit indicator. If the reading lies below an adjustable limit, the pass/fail limit indicator trips and enables a potential-free output. All functions can be PC-controlled via the built-in RS232 interface provided as standard. 

        The guard circuit in shield technology can be used to measure individual resistances in a delta connection. This means, for instance, it is possible to measure the insulation resistance between wire and  shield on a 2-core cable with common shield without the result being distorted by the two guard resistances lying in parallel (see diagram overleaf). The meter can also be used to measure the leakage currents fl owing through the test specimen; in “current measurement “ mode it measures currents from 0.1 pA to 1mA.

        RESISTOMAT® model 2408 digital megohmmeter is a microprocessor-controlled instrument for measuring high resistances and small currents. Measurements can be made in the range 1 kΩ to 100 TΩ, with the user able to freely select a test voltage between 1 V and 1000 V. All instrument functions can be set manually and via RS232 interface.

        On-screen information guides the user effi ciently through the meter’s range of application-oriented confi guration options, clearly displayed on the backlit graphical display with adjustable contrast level. With its rugged case, this instrument is designed for both laboratory use and harsh industrial environments.

        For automated system applications the megohmmeter RESISTOMAT® model 2408 includes an I/O interface connection with remote start and pass/fail outputs. Test setup configurations and measurement results can be stored in CSV format on an external USB flash drive for easy use with Microsoft Excel.

      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Data sheet
      • Accessories

        pdf Shielded lead set with measuring tongs
        pdf Measurement cell with guard ring for measuring of the resistance and specific resistance
        pdf Guard ring electrode
        pdf Measurement cell with guard ring for the determination of volume resistance and surface resistance
        pdf Electrode for the surface resistance measurement



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