2560 Tester della batteria

Il tester per batterie flessibile estremamente compatto modello 2560 è un dispositivo di misurazione dal prezzo interessante e che può essere azionato in modo intuitivo tramite il software per PC.

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      • Features

        • Misurazione spettro di impedenza
        • Misura di tensione da 0…5 VDC a 0…60 VDC
        • Intervallo di resistenza CA (impedenza) 0…1 mΩ e 0…1 Ω
        • Intervallo di frequenza 0,1 Hz … 1 kHz
        • Misurazione della temperatura 0 … 60 °C
        • Misura della capacità ca. 25 mAh a ca. 10 Ah
        • Ottimo rapporto prezzo/prestazioni
        • Design estremamente compatto
        • Porta USB incl. comodo software per PC per la configurazione, il test della batteria e l'analisi
      • Product data

        Model 2560
        Measuring range

        • Resistance: 1 mΩ, 3 mΩ, 10 mΩ, 30 mΩ, 100 mΩ, 300 mΩ, 1 Ω
        • Voltage: 0 … 5 VDC, 0 … 60 VDC
        • Temperature: 0 … +60 °C

        • Resistance: 0.01 % of reading
        • Voltage: 0.1 mV, 1 mV
        • Temperature: 0.1 °C
        • Capacitance: approx. 25 mAh to 10 Ah
        Measurement accuracy

        • Resistance: ±1 % d.A. ± 0.3 % of reading / ±1° Phase
        • Voltage: ±0.2 % d.A. ± 0.02 % of reading
        • Temperature: ±1 °C
        • Capacitance: 1 % of reading
        Temperature value External Pt1000 sensor
        Interfaces USB
        Specific characteristics

        • Spectral impedance measurement
        • Voltage measurement of 0…5 VDC to 0…60 VDC
        • AC resistance range (impedance) 0…1 mΩ and 0…1 Ω
        • Frequency range 0.1 Hz … 1 kHz
        • Temperature measurement 0 … 60 °C
        • Capacitance measurement approx. 25 mAh to approx. 10 Ah
        • Very good price / performance ratio
        • Extremely compact design
        • USB port incl. convenient PC software for configuration, battery test and analysis
      • Description

        The battery tester operates in accordance with the well-tried four conductor measuring method and combines the functionality of a testing device and an analyzer. The measuring device supports exact determination of the real (ohmic component) and imaginary component (capacitive or inductive component) of batteries with the impedance measurement and the spectral (complex) impedance measurement. The measurement results are displayed in a locus curve in accordance with the real component and the imaginary component. The respective battery voltage is also recorded during these measurements.

        With the aid of various approximation functions, important model parameters such as serial inductance, series and parallel resistance and double layer capacitance can be determined and evaluated using the intuitively operated PC software. All measurements can be stored or displayed using log viewers and analyzed by means of gap-free history examination.

        The capacitance measurement is determined via discharging with a constant current until the end point voltage is reached. You can choose between partial or complete discharging of the battery. A temperature measurement can be carried out on the test object using external Pt1000 measuring sensors. The battery tester is supplied via with 5 VDC via a galvanically isolated USB interface and there does not require an additional power supply.

      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Data sheet
        Further info
      • Anwendungsbeispiele

        Development-side qualification tests

        on batteries for determining suitability


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