8526 Cella di carico a compressione

Compatto, robusto, ad alte prestazioni, per spazi ristretti, per misure statiche e dinamiche, interamente saldata, grado di protezione IP64, realizzata in acciaio inossidabile.

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      • Features

        • Range di misura da 0 ... 100 N a 0 ... 1 MN
        • Piccole dimensioni
        • Facile da montare
        • Per misurazioni statiche e dinamiche
        • Realizzata in acciaio inossidabile di alta qualità
        • Costruzione saldata, grada di protezione IP64
        • Con segnale di uscita standardizzato a 1 mV/V
        • Tre fori filettati sul corpo per il montaggio
      • Product data

        Model 8526
        Measuring range

        0 … 100 N
        0 … 200 N
        0 … 500 N
        0 … 1 kN
        0 … 2 kN
        0 … 5 kN
        0 … 10 kN
        0 … 20 kN
        0 … 50 kN
        0 … 100 kN
        0 … 200 kN
        0 ... 500 kN
        0 ... 1 MN

        Direction of force Compression
        Standardization Yes
        Signal output 1 mV/V
        Protection class IP64
        Overload protection No
        Pull-plate No
        Load introduction button Yes
        Range of operating temperature -30 ... +80 °C
        Specific characteristics

        • Measuring ranges from 0 ... 100 N to 0 ... 1 MN
        • Extremely compact design
        • For static and dynamic measurements
        • Three threaded holes on bottom for easy mounting and cable suitable for drag chain application
        • Protection class IP64
        • Non-linearity from 0.1% F.S.
        • Standardized output signal
        • burster TEDS optionally available
      • Description

        Thanks to its compact shape and three fixing holes on its underside, the 8526 compression load cell can be used in a variety of applications. With its wide choice of measuring ranges from 0 ... 100 N up to 0 ... 1 MN, it really can cover a wealth of measurement tasks, from the laboratory to use in heavy industry.

        The integral load button provides an easy and reliable means of applying the force to be measured. Angle errors in the load application with a deviation from the measurement axis of up to 3° have only a minor influence on the measurement signal. For ideal measurement accuracy, the load cell should be mounted on a surface that has been ground and has a hardness of at least 60 HRC.

        The model 8526 load cell is designed with an internal elastic membrane, to which strain gages are attached. When a compressive load is applied to the load cell, the membrane is elastically deformed and transfers its tension to the strain gages. These in turn respond with a proportional change in their ohmic resistance, which can be evaluated using a suitable instrumentation amplifier or display device.

      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Data sheet
        Operation manual
        Further info
      • Videos

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        Monitoring the crimping process of rotational symmetrical parts
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        Example showing load cell fitted under pre-load with extreme overload protection

        Youtube channel Burster Youtube Channel

      • Anwendungsbeispiele

        Measurement of mechanical values

        at a completely automated motor vehicle test bed

        Measuring pressing forces in machine tools

        miniature ring load cell

        Monitoring a lever mechanism

        in a horizontal working position

        Monitoring the press-fit force

        in assembly lines

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