9180 Display digitale per sensori strain gauge, potensiometrici, DC/DC e segnali standard

Molto preciso, 2 displays per valori di picco minimo e massimo, RS232 o RS485, funzioni TARA e HOLD, opzionale: potente software PC software per la raccolta e l'elaborazione dei dati.

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      • Features

        • Possono essere salvati parametri di 8 sensori (opzionale)
        • Per foza, pressione o sensori di coppia che utilizzano sensori strain gauge
        • Per misure di spostamento o angolari con potenziometri o sensori DC/DC
        • Elaborazione di segnali standard ± 1 V/ 10 V/ 0 ... 1 mA, 0 (4) ... 20 mA
        • Valori di picco Min. o max.  tramite un display aggiuntivo
        • Funzioni TARE e HOLD
        • Generazione di un massimo di 4 segnali limite (opzionale)
        • RS232 o RS485 (opzionale)
        • Usscita analogica o BCD (opzionale)
        • Precisione di misura < 0.1 %
        • Messa in scala possibile tramite procedura guidata inserendo direttamente i dati del sensore
        • Software di configurazione e valutazione DIGIVISION
      • Product data

        Model 9180
        Measurement accuracy 0.1 % F.S.
        Sample rate 16/s
        Type of sensor

        • Strain gauge
        • Potentiometer
        • Standard signals
        • DC/DC
        • Transmitter

        • RS232
        • RS485
        • BCD
        Indicator ± 999 999
        Sensor excitation

        Strain gauge:

        • 10 V / 120 mA
        • 5 V /120 mA


        • 10 V / 120 mA
        • 5 V / 120 mA

        Standard signals, DC/DC sensors and transmitters:

        • ± 1 V / ± 10 V
        Protection class IP65
        Supply voltage

        • 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
        • 24/48 VAC, 50/60 Hz
        Measurement channels 16
        Specific characteristics

        • Up to 8 sensor parameters can be saved (optional)
        • For force, pressure or torque measurements using strain gauge sensors
        • For distance or angle measurements with potentiometer or DC/DC sensors
        • Processing of standard signals ± 1 V/ 10 V/ 0 ... 1 mA, 0 (4) ... 20 mA
        • Min. or max. peak values via an additional display
        • TARE and HOLD function
        • Generation of up to 4 limit signals (optional)
        • Analog output (optional)
        • Scaling possible using teach-in procedure or by entering sensor data directly
        • Convenient configuration and evaluation software DigiVision
      • Description

        Model 9180 supports force, pressure and torque sensors operating on the strain gauge principle, as well as the connection of position and angle sensors in potentiometer or DC/DC configuration. It also allows the measurement of process signals ± 1 V/ 5 V/ 10 V or 0 ...1 mA, 0(4) ... 20 mA. The current measured value is indicated on the 14 mm high LED main display, while a second display located directly below provides a reading of the peak value.

        The display is particularly suitable for highly accurate measurements due to the high accuracy of 0.1%. It is also possible to monitor up to 4 limit values and provide the results via relay or transistor outputs. Thus the process value display can be used for classification, process and control tasks. The current measured value is frozen on the display by activating an external HOLD signal. The TARE function is useful for balancing out previous loads for example. The optional serial interface can be used to transfer measured values and perform device settings. Powerful PC software is available for this on request.

        State-of-the-art microprocessor technology has allowed the realization of numerous special functions for practical use. Menu guidance of device setup is standard. Selfexplanatory abbreviations greatly facilitate this process so that even inexperienced users can manage without operating instructions. First, the user specifies the type of input signal or sensor. Strain gauge, potentiometer or process signals 0 ...1 mA, 4 ...20 mA or ± 1 V, ± 10 V as well as DC/ DC sensors can be selected. Then the calibration process is selected. Users can choose between teach-in or calibration depending on the sensor protocol. The decimal point can be moved as required. The sensor excitation stated in the technical specifications is set automatically upon selection of the sensor type except with process signals. A choice of three excitations is available for process signals. Complete electrical isolation of the measurement channel prevents measurement values from being falsified by ground loops.

      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Data sheet
        Operation manual
      • Accessories

        pdf Connecting plug



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