RESISTOMAT® 2329 per misure di resistenza veloci in processi automatizzati

Fino a 50 misure e  valutazioni per secondo, interfacce RS232 e PLC standard (IEEE488 e USB opzionale), risoluzione fino a 10 µΩ,  precisione 0.03 % Rdg.

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      • Features

        • Campo di misura 200 mΩ ... 200 kΩ
        • Risoluzione fino a 10 μΩ
        • Precisione di misura 0.03 % Rdg.
        • Selezione automatica del campo di misura
        • Fino a 50 misure e valutazione per secondo
        • Temperatura compensata per tutti i materiali
        • Compensazione della tensione termica
        • Misurazione del circuito a secco in accordo con la normativa DIN IEC 512
        • Data logger per 20 000 valori di misura
        • Interfacce RS232 e PLC standard (IEEE488, USB e Ethernet opzionale)
      • Product data

        Model 2329
        Measuring range

        200.00 mΩ
        2.0000 Ω
        20.000 Ω
        200.00 Ω
        2.0000 kΩ
        20.000 kΩ
        200.00 kΩ


        10 μΩ
        100 μΩ
        1 mΩ
        10 mΩ
        100 mΩ
        1 Ω
        10 Ω

        Measurement accuracy ≤ 0.03 % rdg.
        Measurement display 20 000 counts
        Automatic temperature compensation Yes
        Comparator Yes

        • RS232
        • PLC
        • IEEE488 (option)
        • USB (option)
        • Ethernet (option)
        Specific characteristics

        • Automatic measurement range selection
        • Up to 50 measurements and evaluations per second
        • Temperature compensation for all materials
        • Thermovoltage compensation
        • Dry-circuit measurement in accordance with DIN IEC 512
        • Data logger for 20 000 measurement values
      • Description

        The RESISTOMAT® model 2329 is particularly suitable for fast measurements of low resistances in automated processes. Up to 50 measurements per second can easily be performed. The device complies with the latest CE guidelines and is designed for laboratory use as well as heavy-duty industrial applications. 

        A 2-fold and 4-fold comparator with switching outputs has been included for classifi cation and selection; this feature is particularly useful for serial tests. 

        One special application involves the measurement of contact resistances (dry-circuit measurement); the load voltage in this case is limited to 20 mV in order to prevent fritting (DIN IEC 512). The RS232 (standard) and IEEE488, USB and Ethernet (option) computer interfaces allow the set-up of fully automatic testing stations. The PLC interface allows easy integration into your production process control.

        Typical applications are resistance and conductivity measurements on:

        • Fuses
        • Airbag triggers
        • Coils for the automobile industry and electrical engineering
        • Plug-in contacts and switches
        • Commutator welded joints
        • Meter samples in cable manufacture
        • Circuit-board conductors etc.

        The device operates on the basis of proven 4-wire technology which corrects any incoming line or contact resistances.
        The measurement lines are checked by an integrated cable rupture monitor. Needless to say, the functions include temperature compensation for various test substances such as copper, brass, tungsten etc. Temperatures are measured by a Pt 100 sensor or infrared sensor (pyrometer) with analog outputs or any temperature transmitter e.g. thermocouple.
        For measuring test objects with low inductances, a special measurement input protection was developed to prevent voltage peaks from damaging the device when test objects are disconnected.

        If objects need to be tested for several different parameters by an automatic measurement system, you can store up to 32 device settings such as measurement ranges, limiting values, temperature coeffi cients etc. These settings are called up via a bit pattern (5 bits). Naturally, all device settings can also be made via the RS232 (standard) or IEEE488, USB and Ethernet interfaces (option).

        The integrated data logger can be used during serial measurements to store up to 20 000 measurement values which can be divided into 32 individual blocks. A digital filter is available for preselecting the measurement values to be stored. The evaluation menu of the stochastic data logger displays the maximum, minimum and average values as well as the standard deviation.

      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Data sheet
        Operation manual
        Further info
      • Accessories

        pdf Program selection switch
        pdf External foot switch
        pdf Infrared temperature module
        pdf Measurement leads, 4 pin
        pdf Assembly set for 19“-3U rack mounting
        pdf IEEE488 interface modul for retrofit
        pdf Pt100 temperature sensor for RESISTOMAT®
      • Anwendungsbeispiele

        Measurement of meter samples

        in the cable industry



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