8416 Ultra-miniature load cell

Very compact, small dimensions, robust, for static and dynamic  measurement in very restricted structures, made of stainless steel

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      • Features

        • Inexpensive
        • Measuring ranges from 0 ... 20 N to 0 ... 5 kN
        • Dragchain cable
        • Option standarization the nominal sensitivity
        • Option temperature compensated range -40 ... 90 °C
        • burster TEDS optionally available
      • Product data

        Model 8416
        Measuring range

        0 … 20 N
        0 … 50 N
        0 … 100 N
        0 … 200 N
        0 … 500 N
        0 … 1000 N
        0 … 2000 N
        0 … 5000 N

        Direction of force Compression
        Standardization Option
        Signal output

        1 mV/V, nominal*
        0.8 ... 1.2 mV/V, nominal*

        * Deviations from the stated value are possible.

        Protection class IP54
        Overload protection No
        Pull-plate No
        Load introduction button Yes
        Range of operating temperature 0 ... +80 °C
        Specific characteristics

        • Inexpensive
        • Dragchain cable
        • Option temperature compensated range -40 ... 90 °C
        • burster TEDS optionally available
      • Description

        Due to their extremely compact design, these load cells can be used wherever static or dynamic load forces have to be measured in very tight spaces.

        Model 8416 is perfect for use in micro-technology and just as suitable for measuring tasks in the research and development sector. 

        The ultra-miniature compression load cell model 8416 is a flat, circular disc, the bottom of which is sealed with a cover. The load application button for receiving the compression forces is an integrated part of the sensor.

        The sensor element inside the body carries a strain gage full bridge which outputs voltage directly proportional to the measurement variable upon application of force.

        The short nominal measurement distance of the ultra-miniature compression load cells due to their design provides a high degree of rigidity. If needed, the nominal characteristic value can be standardized in the sensor connection cable. This allows for quick and easy interchange or simultaneous connection of several sensors to a single evaluation unit.

      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Data sheet
        Operation manual
        Further info
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        Example showing load cell fitted under pre-load with extreme overload protection

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