8227 Senosre di pressione

Robusto, connettore di alta qualità, prezzo economico, in acciaio inossidabile, ideale per sostanze liquide e gassose.

  • Features

    • Range di misura compresi tra 0 ... 0,05 bar a 0 ... 500 bar e -1 ... 1 bar a -1 ... 10 bar
    • Precisione 0.25 %
    • Uscita 0 ... 10 V, opzione 0 ... 5 V o 4 ... 20 mA
    • Ideale per sostanze liquide e gassose
    • Per misure statiche e dinamiche
    • Opzione: misure assolute
    • Molto economico
  • Product data

    Model 8227
    Measuring range

    0 … 0.05 bar
    0 … 0.1 bar
    0 … 0.25 bar
    0 … 0.5 bar
    0 … 1 bar
    0 … 2 bar
    0 … 5 bar
    0 … 10 bar
    0 … 20 bar
    0 … 50 bar
    0 … 100 bar
    0 … 200 bar
    0 … 500 bar

    Kind of measurement Against atmospheric pressure
    Signal output

    0 … 10 V
    0 … 5 V
    4 … 20 mA

    Range of operating temperature -40 ... +105 °C
    Burst pressure/ -protection 900 % over capacity
    Dead volume

    0.5 cm3

    Specific characteristics
    • Measuring ranges between 0 ... 0.05 bar to 0 ... 500 bar and -1 ... 1 bar to -1 ... 10 bar
    • Suitable for liquid and gaseous media
    • For dynamic and static measurements
    • Option: absolute measurement
    • Very economic price
  • Description

    This sensor is designed specifically for industrial use: industry-standard signal outputs and connectors, standard measurement ranges, rugged design and low cost. With its rugged housing, high-quality electrical connector and a stainless steel sensor element, the transducer is particularly robust and ideally suited to the harshest environments. This also means that the sensor can be installed anywhere with no effect on the measurement signal. The built-in instrumentation amplifier converts the sensor signals into noise-immune voltage signals that can be transmitted over relatively long distances (current-signal output available as an option). For high viscose materials, a front-level membrane is available, and with this disruptive dead volumes can be expelled.

    Areas of use:

    • Controlling and monitoring of production facilities
    • Cooling and air-conditioning systems
    • Hydraulic or pneumatic machinery
    • Monitoring of compressors and pumps
    • Manufacturing systems
    • Plastics processing industry

    The sensor element located inside the transducer comprises a diaphragm that measures the applied pressure with respect to the current atmospheric pressure (relative reading).

    For the front-level option, the measuring element is situated directly behind the very stable membrane manufactured from stainless steel. The sensor has a small protected hole on the rear to allow measurement of atmospheric pressure.

    For the absolute measurement option, the applied pressure is measured with respect to an enclosed vacuum.

    As an electrical connection, a DIN 43650A valve connector or an M12 x 1 connection is available. A process connection can be chosen from several alternatives. The built-in instrumentation amplifier outputs a voltage or current according to the pressure. The output is protected against short-circuit and polarity reversal of the supply voltage.

  • Data Sheet & Downloads

    Data sheet

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