87350 Sensore di spostamento DC/DC

Per misure di spostamento o di grandezze che possono essere convertite in spostamento, amplificatore integrato, tensione d'uscita elevata, ingresso e uscita separati galvanicamente, libero da isteresi, protezione contro l'inversione di polarità

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      • Features

        • Range da 0 ... ± 1.27 mm a 0 ... ± 76.20 mm
        • Non-linearità ± 0.5 % F.S.
        • Amplificatore interno
        • Alta tensione di uscita
        • Libero da isteresi
        • Ingresso e uscita separati galvanicamente
        • Protezione contro l'inversione di polarità
      • Product data

        Model 87350
        Principle Inductive
        Measuring range

        0 … ± 1.27 mm
        0 … ± 2.54 mm
        0 … ± 6.35 mm
        0 … ± 12.70 mm
        0 … ± 25.40 mm
        0 … ± 50.80 mm
        0 … ± 76.20 mm

        Signal output see data sheet
        Protection class IP40
        Range of operating temperature -50 ... +90 °C
        Excitation voltage 6 ... 28 VDC
        Electrical connection

        Color coded, teflon isolated cable with open ends

        Return spring Yes
        Specific characteristics

        • Integrated amplifier
        • High output voltage
        • Free of hysteresis
        • Input and output galvanically separated
        • Reverse voltage protection
      • Description

        Linear displacements and mechanical values which can be converted to displacements (e.g. compressive and tensile force, strain, torque and vibration) may be measured by these DC/DC displacement sensors. The probe tip of these sensors is pushed onto the measuring object by a spring. This makes it possible to use these sensors were a mechanical modification of the measurement object (mounting hole) is not allowed or difficult. An integrated maintenance-free electronic and a high-level DC output signal provide an easy handling without any problems.

        Output voltage as function of the displacement with the impedance as parameter.

        Sensors of series 87350 generally consist of an oscillator, a demodulator and a transformer with moveable core. They are energized by DC voltage. The oscillator uses this DC voltage to generate the carrier frequency, which is needed for the operation of the sensor. Dependent on the position of the core, which is made of ferromagnetic material, voltages are induced by the two secondary coils of the transformer. These voltages will be demodulated, filtered and switched against each other. The result is, if the core is in its centre position, a 0 V output. Each other position of the core causes a DC voltage on the sensor’s output terminal. This output voltage is proportional to the linear deflection of the core.

        Input and output terminals of these sensors are galvanically separated from each other, a connection to the sensor’s housing does not exist.

      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Data sheet
        Further info

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