DIGISTANT® 4463 Calibratore ad elevata precisione per tensione, corrente, termocoppie e resistenza

Il nostro calibratore è smart, conveniente e tracciabile per le risposte alle vostre richieste di calibrazione. Il DIGISTANT® 4463 consente sequenze di test e simulazione completamente automatizzate per le apparecchiature di misura o i trasduttori.

  • Features

    • Tensione DC fino a ±100.0000 V, ±0.002 %
    • Corrente DC fino a ±50.0000 mA, ±0.005 % ±1 µA
    • Simulazione termocoppia di R, S, B, J, T, E, K, N, M, C, D, G2
    • Funzione sequenza automatica (funzione di rampa) 
  • Product data

    Model 4463
    DC voltage simulation

    ±300 mV
    ±3 V
    ±30 V
    ±100 V

    Measurement accuracy voltage simulation ±0.002 %
    DC voltage measurement No
    DC current simulation

    ±25 mA
    ±50 mA

    Measurement accuracy current simulation ±0.005 % ±1 µA
    DC current measurement No
    Thermocouples simulation and measurement Yes
    RTD simulation and measurement Yes
    Interfaces RS-232 (D-sub 9)
    USB slave port (type B)
    Ethernet Western socket (RJ45)
    Supply voltage

    230 V ±10 % / 47 ... 63 Hz
    115 V ±10 % / 47 ... 63 Hz

    Specific characteristics

    • DC voltage up to ±100.0000 V, ±0.002 %
    • DC current up to ±50.0000 mA, ±0.005 % ±1 µA
    • Thermocouple simulation of R, S, B, J, T, E, K, N, M, C, D, G2
    • Automatic sequence function (ramp function) 
  • Description

    The DIGISTANT® model 4463 is a high-precision calibration source with impressive versatility and accuracy. Every device is supplied with a DAkkS certificate. Compared to other calibrators, it offers a better error limit of 0.002 % across the entire voltage range.

    To achieve consistently high quality levels and conform to standards and regulations, measuring instruments of all kinds require regular calibration. The DIGISTANT® model 4463 provides many of the functions needed for this purpose. Inaccuracies caused by the measuring leads can be compensated via sense lines using 4-wire technology.

    All relevant information about the parameter settings and the accuracy being achieved is clearly laid out on the high-resolution color display. The dynamic menu system is navigated intuitively. Range selection is automatic or manual. Values can be entered precisely using the numeric or cursor keypad.

    The device can be controlled via its Ethernet, USB or RS-232 port. LabView drivers for software integration are available free of charge. SCPI commands are listed in the user manual. 32 ramp functions per range with 100 value/time sequences can be automatically saved and started.

    For thermocouples, scales including ITS-90 and IPTS-68, reference junction type constant or external, can be selected. An optionally available external Pt100 reference junction with calibration data taken into account in the device minimizes thermal EMFs and results in even smaller uncertainties in the measurement chain.

  • Data Sheet & Downloads

    Data sheet
    Further info
    Operation manual
  • Accessories

    pdf Mounting kit für 19"/5HE control cabinet installation
    pdf External reference junction for thermocouples Model 4485-V001


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