TOE 8805 Arbitrary power supplies

Arbitrary power supplies for generation of any voltage and current characteristics with an output power from 160 W to 5200 W. With exceptionally versatile and user-friendly software.
In addition to many predefined standard impulses for the automotive and avionics industries, the arbitrary power supplies of the TOE 8805 to TOE 88165 series additionally offer the option for generating completely optional waveforms. You can thus generate test voltages which perhaps may only be defined in the future.
They also provide dips and drops, load dump impulses, and many versions of complex voltages.
A comprehensive library of curves typical in vehicles provide the user with a reliable and versatile test instrument. 
A further operating mode of these extremely universal arbitrary units is the simulation of wiring system ripple as encountered in vehicles or aircraft. Ripples with frequencies from 20 Hz up to more than 70 kHz can be superimposed on the test curves or on a pure DC voltage.
All models starting with the TOE 8825 are of modular design and consist of an intelligent control unit and boosters connected in parallel. 
In these extremely universal units, the major features of a high-speed power supply have been optimally combined with those of an arbitrary function generator.

The software included in the scope of delivery is extremely versatile, allows intuitive use, and permits generation of almost any waveforms within a very short time. Direct data importing from digital oscilloscopes and data recording equipment is also possible without problem. 
Furthermore, the software has a library with standard curves from global vehicle manufacturers which is continuously updated.

Maximum output voltage
16 V to 100 V

Maximum output current
1.6 A to 320 A

Output power
160 W to 5200 W

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      • Features

        • Generates any voltage and current characteristics
        • Imports real-time signals from digital storage oscilloscopes or data recording systems
        • Very high rise and fall rates of the output voltage: approx. 2 V/μs
        • Brief load currents up to 1000 A
        • User-friendly software
        • GPIB and analog interfaces included as standard
        • Vehicle electrics ripple: AC superimposition 4 Vpp
        • 20 Hz to 70 kHz (TOE 8815 to TOE 8865)
        • 20 Hz bis 50 kHz (TOE 8865 to TOE 88165)  
        • Internal sink function Brief load sink: 1000 W to 16000 W, depends on model
        • Brief load current: 3 x Irated for approx. 10 ms (max. 1000 A)
      • Product data

        Model TOE 8805 to TOE 88165
      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Data sheet



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