TOE 9261 Micro interruption device

Electronic switch for micro interruptions in supply and ground lines up to 100 A.
The Electronic Switch TOE 9261 is the first choice for generating short interruptions in supply voltages and therefore ideally suitable for testing vehicle electrics according to standards.
Depending on the model, currents up to 100 A can be switched at a rated voltage of up to 60 V.

While testing vehicle electric power systems according to standards, it is necessary to momentarily interrupt supply voltages.
Using the Electronic Switch TOE 9261, switching operations between < 10 μs and nearly unlimited duration are possible without problem.

Any voltage source of up to 60 V with appropriate current rating provides the supply voltage.
Using an external signal generator, the current flow can be interrupted using switch S1. Discharging the load circuit is possible during the interruption of the load current by using another internal switch S2.
In addition, a configuration can be selected for interrupting the negative return line of the load (ground interruptions).
Four signal line switches (S3 – S6) additionally enable precise switching and interruption of signal and control lines in any current flow direction.
Control of these switches is synchronous with S1.

  • Features

    • Input voltage max. 60 V
    • Output current TOE 9261-50 max. 50 A
    • Output current TOE 9261-100 max. 100 A
    • Rise / fall time < 500 ns
    • Short-circuit-proof
    • Switchable discharge of load circuit
    • Interruption in supply and ground lines up to 50 A or 100 A
    • Switchable buffering of input circuit
    • 4 signal line switches
    • Control with any signal generators (TTL level)
  • Product data

    Model TOE 9261
  • Data Sheet & Downloads

    Data sheet


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