72-9206-REF Interfaccia USB portatile

per celle di carico, sensori di coppia e sensori di pressione

  • Features

    • “Plug & Measure” interfaccia per sensori strain gauge sensors, sensori potenziometrici e segnali standard
    • Tecnologia di connessione a 6 fili
    • Pratico e conveniente software DigiCal per acquisizione e calibrazione
    • 24-bit di risoluzione
    • LabView driver DLL gratis per integrazione nel proprio ambiente software
    • Catena di misura campione multiuso con certificatodi calibrazione della fabbrica o certificato di taratura DAkkS accreditato in Germania (opzionale)
    • Pt100 (opzione)
  • Product data

    Model 72-9206-REF
    Sample rate 1200/s
    Type of sensor

    • Strain gauge
    • potentiometric
    • DC/DC
    • Pt100
    Interfaces USB
    Indicator Status LED
    Sensor excitation

    Strain gauge:

    • 2,5 V / 5 V


    • 5 V

    Transmitter and DC/DC:

    • 12 V
    Protection class IP67
    Supply voltage 4 V … 6 V
    Measurement channels 16
    Reference measurement device Yes
    Data logger Yes
    Electronic sensor data sheet No
    Connection type 6-wire connection technology
    Specific characteristics

    • Cost effective "Plug&Measure" concept
    • 24-bit resolution
    • Practical and convenient DigiCal calibration and data acquisition software
    • Pt100 as option
    • Free LabView driver DLL for integrating in your own software environment
    • Multipurpose reference measurement chain with optional factory calibration certificate or Germanaccredited DAkkS calibration certificate
    • 6-wire connection technology
  • Description

    The 9206 USB sensor interface series is ideally suited to Notebook-based mobile use for high-precision, traceable calibration jobs that must be performed on-site for equipment such as presses, torque measurement facilities and pressure control systems.

    A factory calibration certificate or German-accredited DAkkS calibration certificate can optionally be provided for the USB interface plus relevant sensors, ensuring compliance even with the stringent traceability requirements of quality assurance standards. This provides a quick, cost-effective way of assessing your system with traceable documentation of measurement results.

    The device is intended for industrial use in sectors such as quality assurance, on-site service and equipment monitoring.

    Further areas and examples of use:

    • Test-equipment calibration
    • On-site calibration of high-precision measurement instruments
    • Hydraulic-press testing
    • Reference measurements on/in assembly lines
    • Testing of robot contact forces
    • Pneumatic pressure testing

    The USB sensor interface is powered from the connected PC via the USB port, and uses this power supply to generate the sensor excitation voltage. The initial settings and sensor settings are made by burster in-house and saved in the USB sensor interface. These can then be fine-tuned by the customer.

    The DigiCal calibration software can display the measurement data in various forms and save it in a custom report file or Excel file. The software includes calibration-routine management for quick comparisons of existing measurement data plus rapid and reliable access to recurring calibration processes. In addition, a range of START/STOPP-triggers can be enabled.

    burster can configure the interface to suit a specific sensor, although you can customize your own parameters using the basic software version supplied free of charge. The driver package, available free of charge, lets you integrate the device in LabVIEW or your own software.

  • Data Sheet & Downloads

    Data sheet

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