ForceMaster 9110 Controllore Low-Cost per pressature manuali

Il ForceMaster 9110 è stato sviluppato per monitorare i processi di pressatura manuale. L'operazione con un solo pulsante e i dati per i diversi processi su slot-card PLC consentono ad ogni utente di modificare rapidamente le procedure di montaggio della pressa. Dispositivo attraente a basso costo per un monitoraggio preciso della qualità.

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      • Features

        • Sistema completo "Plug & Work" di eccellente valore.
        • Facile configurazione automatica con impostazione automatica degli strumenti di valutazione
        • Sistema Smart Card per la configurazione e l'archiviazione delle impostazioni senza manipolazioni
        • Indicazione di errore ottico e sonoro
        • Registrazione dei dati su chiavetta USB (Opzionale)
        • PLC sequence control function (optional)
        • Software per analisi e configurazione integrato
        • Identificazione automatica dei sensori
        • Hub e altri contatori di componenti
      • Product data

        Model 9110
        Measurement channels 2
        Max. amount of active measurement channels 2
        Type of sensor

        • Strain gauge
        • Potentiometer
        Measurement accuracy < ± 2 % F.S.
        Fieldbus interfaces No

        • USB
        • RS232
        Indicator 2 lines LCD display
        Sensor excitation 5 V
        Protection class IP20
        Supply voltage 90 ... 240 VAC / 50 ... 60 Hz
        Automatic sensor identification Yes
        Autoconfiguration Yes
        Max. amount of measurement programs 1

        • Numerical
        Acoustic and optic error indication Yes
        Data logging Option
        Components counter Yes
        Specific characteristics

        • Excellent value "Plug & Work" complete system
        • Easy auto-configuration with automatic setting of the evaluation tools
        • Smart Card system for manipulation free configuration and storage of settings
        • Acoustic and optic error indication
        • Data logging on USB stick (optional)
        • PLC sequence control function (optional)
        • Analysis and configuration software included
        • Automatic sensor identification
        • Hub and other component counters
      • Description

        Pressure on price and quality continue to rise. The need to monitor even the simplest manufacturing and assembly process is increasingly common. With 100% monitoring of force/ time curves or force displacement/time curves, the Force- Master satisfies all requirements for ensuring the reliability of even simple press-fit processes. Thanks to its ultra-simple, single-button operation and intelligent auto-configuration, even semi-skilled staff can set up the equipment safely and quickly. "Card & Go" is the smart system that uses master, tool and PLC smart cards to make equipment settings, inhibit unauthorized changes and to trigger actions in sequence with the production process. 

        The ForceMaster 9110 has been developed specifically for monitoring manual lever presses. Simple manual workstations can be monitored extremely efficiently using the ForceMaster. Easy control functions that used to require an additional PLC can now be performed reliably with the ForceMaster. Tools can be changed quickly and easily using tool cards. The ForceMaster is used for example for

        • Pressing ball bearings
        • Compressing powders
        • Press-fitting pinion gears

        The ForceMaster has a multi-voltage power supply. Excitation of the load cell and displacement sensor is provided by internal voltage-conditioning circuits. Sensor identification is built into the sensor plug, allowing sensors to be connected easily with no further configuration needed.

        The integral auto-configuration tool uses a GOOD component to train the ForceMaster with the measurement curve and automatically set the evaluation elements. The user can make any further fine-tuning and adjustments to these settings manually if required.
        Visual indicators such as a red and green indicator lamp signal "Good" or "Bad" parts. An audible sound is also output for "Bad" parts. 
        The built-in PLC function allows sequence control of up to 60 steps. This can be used, for instance, to control pneumatic cylinders, compressors for blowing out workpieces, and reject gates for OK/NOK parts. 

        The PC software, which is included free of charge can be used for measurement-curve analysis and fine-tuning the evaluation elements. It also lets the user view and archive the measurement curves recorded on the USB stick.

      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Data sheet
        Operation manual
        Further info
      • FAQ

        How do I attach a load cell and a displacement sensor to a hand lever press?

        <link https: _blank externen link in neuem>Watch the video right here

      • Videos

        ForceMaster 9110 - Low-cost hand lever presses monitoring

        How to do: Attach force and displacement sensor to a hand lever press

        Motek exhibition video burster 2015

        Youtube channel Burster Youtube Channel

      • Press information

        Force monitoring for manual presses

        The pressure on prices and quality is continuously rising, leaving no room for production errors. It is becoming increasingly necessary to monitor not only complex but also simple manufacturing and assembly processes. More attention is also being…

      • Anwendungsbeispiele

        Monitoring the press-insertion force

        of a ball bearing

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